George Anthony
Andrews Solicitors
( 2 paintings-Rising from the ashes & when lightning strikes, the law will uphold you.)

A wonderful work of Art that will add beauty and strength to our new offices and we shall treasure for many years to come. Thank you Christine.

Joelle Rustom
(nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach-painting)

Another fantastic painting, a beautiful piece.
I sat back and stared at it for a while to get the feel of it, it will always remind me of you because you captured this special memory in time.
Thank you so much for a precious painting.

Suzanne Ojimba- occupational psychology

As an Artist Christine has a way of capturing the beauty and often the soul of her subjects. She has a way of portraying spirituality, reality, fantasy and moulding them into her own personal expression. It is a joy seeing the world through her paintings.

Jocelyne Elia
Christine's paintings reflect her inspirational personality intertwined with deep passion for fine art. Her love to bring to life art by colours is eye catching. Her works resemble emancipatory artistic aspects. What I really like about her paintings is her ability to transform her ideas into thought provoking art work with lingering effect on her wide ranging audiences.
Throughout her work one can detect true sense of uniqueness and rareness.
Combining bewildering love within the Mediterranean context is just invigorating.

Nadine Abu Diwan

there's something deep and special when you look into Christine's's not just work of art, it's a story that draws a smile, so enjoy living it!

Sue Agius 16/03/2014 -Accountant.
(Sunset palm trees)

Not only does the painting work in unison with my décor, it has what I love the most , something only islanders can experience.
To be perched amongst the shadows of the dry grass and palm trees, as the darkness unfolds in the sunset, unthreatening and surreal.

Lina Assaad

Christine's work is a refreshing break from the modern contemporary art scene. Her unique focus on the natural environment and wildlife results in encapsulating pieces of work that are both original and intriguing. This kind of art is difficult to produce as it requires a high level of detail and skill to really capture the image Christine wants to portray. I will continue to follow her work closely, and hope she blossoms into a well-renowned artist.

Andreas and Celine Michael

We loved our two paintings the blue and the pink horse, such a beautiful peace of art that we will keep forever, thank you Christine and keep up with these beautiful art work.

Sanaa A Younes

I love each piece of art drawn by Christine, each painting is made with care, love and passion. Each piece tells a story a beautiful one!

Courtney Lynn Murray

Nice. Go Christine, your work gets better and better.

Rita Khoury Haddad

Christine, You are truly gifted.
Each piece of your work will tell something as art wasn't supposed to look nice but it was supposed to make you feel something . You are a great artist ! All the best

Julie Armstrong-Hughes Hon ARAM

Christine's artwork is a wonderful centre piece to any room large or small. The colour's and subjects she uses are always bold, but subtle in texture and nature, not over-powering and with a 3D quality that draws you to question each piece of work and admire.

Muriel Andraos
Secretary of George Andraos Ltd

Christine 's artwork is remarquable and inspirational. I particularly love her unique approach at reproducing animals and landscapes. It is beautiful and yet so close to reality. Also a favorite of mine is the high quality oil painting of a scale which is amazing. I always look forward to discover her next new piece of work. Well done to her! No doubt she hasn't finish to surprise us with her talent!